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  •      DM (ASIA) LIMITED {Hereafter referred to as DM}, is a full service manufacturing company first registered in Hong Kong in 1996. DM's headquarters are located in Hong Kong with its production facilities located in Mainland China. The company's initial product line consisted of electric fractional horsepower Shaded Pole Motors primarily sold to OEM's in North America. DM has since expanded its product line to include PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) and DC & DC brushless electric motors, Solar Panels and their accompanying accessories (inverters, transformers, and storage batteries), Industrial and High Velocity Fans, and Blowers, as well as various other electrical and non - electrical components and products. DM's stated goals are to provide the highest quality products, coupled with the best service and competitive pricing.

        As stated above DM is a full service manufacturing company covering all aspects of the manufacturing process from ...

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